Event Do’s & Don’ts – Part 2

Don’t forget to set up a #

Twitter is everywhere, and the majority of your audience will most likely be using it. Many will have it on their phones and be using the social network at your event. So when you plan an event, set up a hashtag from the outset and ask everyone to use it if they are commenting on the event, i.e. #Mktg2013

Keep it short – you don’t want to reduce the space they have to make comments about the event, and try to respond to as many of the comments as you can, depending on the size of your event and number of tweets received.

Having a hashtag in place will make it much easier to group all of the relevant tweets together for assessing the reception of your event and will also catch the eye of non-attendees who may be sufficiently intrigued to sign up for your next event.