Event Do’s & Don’ts – Part 1

Some tips on event organising, gathered from the events I put on and attend:

Check your venue!

Three relatively simple things I’ve seen recently at events, which should have been checked by the organiser:

1. “I couldn’t find you” – if your venue has a secluded entrance or is somewhere a little off the beaten track, some simple signs to show the way (and taken down at the end of your event) will make a big difference to getting people there without them losing their tempers.

2. “I couldn’t find anywhere to park” – consider your target audience before you book a venue. Don’t book a venue that your audience can’t get to easily – or at least provide them with details of the nearest available car park.

3. “I didn’t know I’d have to pay for parking” – again, consider your target audience. If you want people to attend and you know that the only place to park is a public car park, let them know! If you have a tempting event, they won’t mind putting their hand in their pocket – but they will if they didn’t know about it in advance and had to hunt for change.