The basics of digital marketing

I read an article today on digital marketing, and loved the start of it. The rest of the article is also good with detailed information on audience targeting and search data, but it was the first couple of paragraphs which really caught my eye.

At its core, however, online marketing serves the same purpose as its traditional counterpart: to persuade people that a service or product fulfills specific needs or wants.”

So many people think that digital marketing is a shiny new toy which has changed the face of marketing – whilst it is a relatively new channel for marketing messages and one that has been truly revolutionary in that it has given everyone a marketing voice, the fundamentals of it haven’t changed the marketing premise – to be successful in marketing a product or service, you still need to focus on one thing…. people.

For small businesses, this means considering your intended audiences and meeting their needs via your marketing. Who are you marketing your business to? Whether your chosen marketing channel is on or offline makes little difference – if you don’t know who you are marketing to, how can you effectively attract them?


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