Stop! Time for a Marketing Review

Stop what you’re doing. We are now more than halfway through 2015, and have you stopped to consider your progress?

  • Is your business achieving what you want it to so far this year?
  • Has the business changed, meaning you need a new plan?
  • Have you fallen short of your objectives so far? If so, how can you rectify this?
  • Have you exceeded your own expectations for the business, and if so, where will you go from here to ensure continued success?

Things change. If you now need to alter or divert from your original marketing plan for 2015, now is the time to do it. Don’t leave it for the rest of the year, thinking that you’ll just start afresh in 2016 – you can get back on track, or make new tracks. The start of a new year may be a good kick-start, but you can make changes at anytime you think appropriate.


Likewise, if your business is exceeding its targets, now is a good time to review what has gone right and adapt your plan to ensure that it continues throughout the remainder of the year.

Reviewing your marketing and marketing plan is important as it allows you the opportunity to stop or change what may not be working, or try a different approach. In the short term, this can save money, whilst also helping to lead to long-term gains.