Taking on Staff – How They Can Help With Marketing Your Business

So far, so good. Your small business is growing and it is time to take on your first member of staff.

In addition to the legal, financial and practical considerations of taking on an employee, you may also wish to look at how that person fits with your company’s values and how a new employee can impact on the marketing of your business.

Whilst you have been growing your business, you’ve been the sole person pushing the reputation of your product or services, so something you need to consider is taking on someone with similar views who can also help with promotion. They are unlikely to be as passionate as you, but if you can find someone with similar values to you and your business, that person will help to market your business and help with its continued growth.

Consider including questions at interview on their attitude and how they have fit into previous workplaces, as finding someone who is a good ‘fit’ for your business is important to ensure that they can promote your business as well as you do. If they have a negative attitude, this will reflect on the business and undo the hard work you’ve put in to build your company.

Finding the right person to work with you is tricky, so don’t be afraid to take your time in interviewing and considering who to employ this first time – hopefully the first time of many!