Should events be in my marketing mix?

I was recently asked whether holding events should be in a marketing plan. Well, much like so many other marketing activities, it depends on what you want to achieve and who you want to target!

Before you start planning any event, there are two things you need – an intended audience and a clear business purpose.

1. Your audience – Who do you want to attract, and would the event appeal to them? For example, you wouldn’t run an event in a theme park if you were targeting the over-70’s! Make sure what you want to do is appropriate to your audience.

2. Your business purpose – what do you want to achieve by holding the event? Every decision you make regarding the event should support this aim. So, do you want to generate new business, promote a product or service, build customer loyalty, or something else? It is essential to answer this question so that your plans don’t spiral off in a direction you hadn’t intended.

Once these two questions have been answered, you can start planning your event. If you cannot clearly answer these two points, then the answer to the original question was no, you don’t need to have an event in your marketing plan!