A simple tip to get your marketing kickstarted for 2015

Happy New Year! We’re now a couple of days into 2015 and you may now be thinking of returning to work (if you haven’t already done so). On your return, alongside catching up on things missed over the festive period, you might also want to think about what your marketing plan will be for the coming year.


If you haven’t planned your marketing before, don’t worry. The following simple tip will stand you in good stead for getting your marketing in order and ultimately make your life easier as you will know what to expect and when to have marketing activities ready for.

1. Get a calendar. A large, year-to-view wall calendar preferably.

2. Mark all of the dates of events and holidays you know the day(s) of and that you know you require marketing for. For example, you may wish to include big holidays such as Christmas, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. You might also need to include events such as sports matches or tournaments, or other such dates which are important to your business. Doing this allows you to recognise when you need to have your marketing in place for each event, so that nothing can be missed or take you by surprise.

3. Include any other significant date(s) which could affect your marketing. These might include birthdays of customers which you need to acknowledge or holidays of business partners or for yourself. Again, if they’re on the calendar, they cannot be forgotten.

4. Put the calendar on the wall or within arm’s reach, and refer to it on a regular basis to help to keep you on track with dates and activities throughout the year to help promote your business.

I complete this simple activity each year and have always found it to be invaluable in ensuring that marketing activities are ready for events and holidays in good time.

Once your calendar is done, you can use it to work on a more detailed marketing plan with a marketing consultant or by yourself in order to give your business a kickstart for the New Year.


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