Your 2015 Marketing Army

You’re a marketing army of one, so what will you do in 2015 to march your business forward? Here are some quick hints to think about when starting your marketing planning…

2015 calendar

  • Your audience – who were your customers in 2014? Are you trying to attract the same audience in 2015, or will it change?
  • Your time – which of your marketing activities made the best use of your time in 2014, and will this be the same in 2015?
  • Your methods – do you use tried and tested marketing methods, and how have these worked for you this year? For example, does word of mouth marketing get your best results, or do you get lots of responses from email marketing? How can you make the most of these methods in 2015?
  • Your current marketing – have you reviewed your current marketing strategy and worked out what does or doesn’t work? This should be one of the first things you consider when starting to plan your 2015 marketing.
  • Your campaigns – don’t forget that it is always ok to ask for help from fellow professionals!

When planning for the coming year, your plans should always include marketing. If you intend to make 2015 your biggest year in business to date, a good marketing strategy is essential.


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