Preparing for 2015

At this time of year, publications and experts start looking back at the year’s marketing campaigns and analysing their successes and failures. Media Week has a great analysis of the Top 10 Marketing Moments from this year, which is well worth a read for anyone involved in marketing their business.

What is clear from the article is the dominance of social media in current marketing. The most effective campaigns from the year have all had Twitter at their core, with the use of hashtags showing no sign of waning.

Whilst many Twitter campaigns are most successful when they appeal on a large scale (for businesses, usually with big marketing budgets), small businesses should take lessons from these campaigns and adapt them for their own use in 2015.

Three Quick Tips for Using Twitter in 2015

1. Look and listen – what are other businesses both locally and in your industry doing? What are your customers responding to? Investigate and then spend some time working out a strategy which works best both for you and your business.

2. What exists already for you to use? Realistically, it is not likely that a hashtag you use to promote your business will become popular globally! So look for popular local hashtags (i.e. #bedfordshirehour in my region) and join in on using them to extend the reach of your business to an already existent audience.

3. Don’t focus purely on sales. Nobody goes on Twitter to be sold to – you should adopt an approach which combines some sales with content which works for you and your business. This might be based on personality (see Innocent – @innocentdrinks – for one of the best examples of this) or providing a rounded view of your industry with articles and opinions from other sources. Either way, interesting content is key for keeping people engaged.

As also shown in the article, getting involved in charitable causes will also help to promote and show the human side of your business, so look out for an upcoming post on the best ways to do this.


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