Why you shouldn’t be afraid of failure in your marketing

With the England football team’s World Cup hopes almost diminished, I’ve seen a lot of posts about failure on Twitter and Facebook and it got me thinking abut whether failure was necessarily a bad thing.

You read plenty of business stories about entrepreneurs, computer programmers and the like who met failure many times on their way to success, and the message is always the same; don’t give up.

In marketing, it is the same. There are times when you can come up with the best ideas, the perfect target audience, and the exact way to execute it, and it still won’t work quite as well as you wanted it to. Over the years, I have ran events which I still stand by as formats, but didn’t come off on the day – sometimes for no particular reason. It is frustrating, and can undoubtedly be damaging if your marketing, branding or the business as a whole is damaged as a result.

Does that mean you should stick to tried and tested means all of the time, to avoid potential failure? No, of course not – we grow by trialling, testing and sticking our necks out with the aim of growing our businesses.

So maybe failure is around the corner sometimes, but like the England football team, as long as we learn from our mistakes and use them to develop ourselves and our marketing going forward, coming out of failure stronger it isn’t a bad thing.


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