Some tips for keeping up your marketing when times are hectic

It has often been proven that keeping your marketing at a constant level is essential to ensure a steady flow of work into your small business. If you only promote your business when times are quiet, you are setting yourself up for ebbs and flows in your work levels, and will be starting from scratch each time you need to boost your business.

So, here are some simple tips which I use to keep marketing productivity steady, no matter how busy you are elsewhere in your business:

1. Set yourself a specific time or date to do certain marketing activities, and use a reminder on your smartphone or email calendar to remind you to do it. This might be writing a blog post at 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon, or spending half an hour on a Tuesday morning sending out an email update to your clients. If you set yourself the time to do the activity, you won’t feel as though you are interrupting other work to complete it, as it was already scheduled into your workload and you’ll also be more likely to remember to do it when other things are pressing on your mind.

2. Delegate – even if your small business consists of just you, there is likely to be someone who can provide support. If you can’t afford to hire extra help or a external company to complete certain activities, you could speak to a local college or university to offer marketing experience to a student – in exchange for a reference, you could find a great talent in social media management, design or marketing in general, and you’ll also be helping them to get into their chosen fields.

3. Analyse your marketing activities – spend a little time analysing the marketing you currently do and assess what works for your small business. If you find that you are getting no benefit from a particular area of marketing, why not try stopping it and seeing what difference it makes? You could then focus on the areas which are working, or try something new altogether with the time and money saved.

4. Make the most of your time – Being able to manage your time effectively is one of the most valuable tools you can possess in business, so make sure that you aren’t wasting your time on dead-end or less important areas in order to focus on those which will make a difference to your bottom line – which includes ensuring that you promote your business.

5. Use technology – There are websites and items of technology which can help you to streamline your marketing. These might include websites such as Social Oomph or Hootsuite to schedule tweets in advance and monitor your social media activity, or items such as smartphones or tablets to support your marketing functions. Make use of them where you can – but only where they are not a hindrance. If it is going to take you half a day that you don’t have available to work out how to use them and set them up, then hold back until times are quieter.

What else works for you? Please do let me know if you have other tips to share on keeping your marketing consistent, no matter what your workload.


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