What benefit does sponsorship have for small businesses?

I receive a number of sponsorship requests every month, asking the company I work for to sponsor their child’s football team, the local sports club, or some other activity, club or event. The only ones I consider are those which give details of tangible benefits to my company by providing such sponsorship.

All businesses need marketing to ensure that customers are aware of their products or services, and for small businesses, sponsoring a children’s sports team or a local community event can be a great way of gaining profile and letting those who attend or are connected to the event or team know about your business.

But before you go spending your business’ hard-earned cash, you should consider these questions:

  • Is this event / team / activity the right fit for your business? For example, if you own a e-cigarette shop, sponsoring a children’s sports team might cause a negative reaction to your company.
  • Similarly, have you ensured that the audience of the event / team / activity is right for your business? You might use a sports event to promote your fitness company to the attendees of that event, for example.
  • How will the sponsorship benefit your company? Will your logo go onto a team shirt, or can you have a banner at the event? Make sure you agree what you can do in advance, and don’t forget to include the costs of any necessary production into the overall sponsorship cost if you have to supply it.
  • How reliable is the event or team? Will they fulfill their commitments to your sponsorship agreement?
  • Does your company have the time and resources to fully commit to the sponsorship? For example, do not accept a season ticket to a sports club in return for sponsorship if you realistically expect to only go once or twice throughout the season. See if you can swap that ticket for something more useful instead, such as an advert in the programme for example.

These tips will help your business to choose carefully the events, teams or activities it supports, in order to ensure maximum benefit for your company, whilst also hopefully doing some good to support your local community.


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