This Valentine’s Day, Show Your Customers How Much You Love Them



It is Valentine’s Day on Friday, so before you rush out to buy flowers and chocolates, why not surprise your customers by showing that you love them too? Here are five suggestions for showing your customers that you love them this Valentine’s:

Valentine's Day Hearts

  1. Send a hand-written letter or personalised email to your existing customers or clients to thank them for their custom over the last year. Simple, but will go a long way to show that you appreciate them – especially if you include a coupon for money off for them to use next time they visit.
  2. Pick up the phone and say thank you for their business. Ask if there is anything further you can do, or whether they have any feedback to help your business improve. People always appreciate the opportunity to give feedback, so show them you’re listening.
  3. If you can, set up a ‘VIP night’ for your customers and invite them to attend. This could be an informative seminar, or an invite to a product trial or exclusive sale. Promote the event on your social media pages and website too, to show non-customers what they’re missing out on by not using your business.
  4. Surprise your customers through listening to them online – so many of us are now using social media, so look at what your customers are publishing. If they are in your salon and tweet they love a nail polish, why not treat them to it? Or if you run a restaurant and see that someone has said on your Facebook page that they go there for your cheesecake, put it on the house next time they visit. You don’t need to do it for every customer, but where you can, this kind of behaviour will go a long way in making you stand out over your competitors and will ensure your customers come back to you time and time again.
  5. If you have employees, show them you appreciate them too. A local CEO told me she used to go into the office early on Valentine’s Day to leave a red rose on everyone’s desk. A token of appreciation, of any size, will help to motivate your staff and in turn, they’ll pass the resulting enthusiasm on to your customers – so this is an indirect way of showing love to your customers, by ensuring a happy workforce!

However you show your appreciation, make sure your act is genuine. Customers are savvier than ever at spotting sales techniques, and whilst we all want to increase our businesses, you’ll get more recognition for acting in their best interests long-term, rather than doing something which intended just to generate sales or enquiries.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to share the love!


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