Marketing to all of the senses

On New Year’s Eve 2013, those close enough to experience the fantastic fireworks display in London were also treated to a multi-sensory experience for the first time as the crowds had peach snow and orange scented bubbles dropped on them.

Around 100,000 viewers were also given scratch and sniff cards and 7 fruit sweets which linked to the sights and smells to further increase their multi-sensory experience.

Whilst sensory augmentation (i.e. using the senses to enhance an experience) has been around for a while, this is the first time it has been used on such a large scale. However, it can also be used by smaller businesses to help broaden the sensory experience of their customers. For example, a bakery which makes sure the smell of freshly baked bread is wafting out of the door on a Saturday morning is likely to find that they make more impulse sales to those passing by.

The cosmetics brand, Lush, has a number of shops where products are left open on shelves so that their full smell can be enjoyed. This makes it stand out as unique over shops which keep their products’ smells trapped in bottles and packaging, so you have to be enticed by brand or visual appeal to buy it.

If customers visit your business premises, take the time to put yourself in their shoes and consider how you might be able to increase the sensory experience and put them in a better frame of mind for purchasing. Would something as simple as the smell (and taste) of good coffee or beautiful flowers make a difference to your customers? 


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