Out of the Box

I recently heard of a company who were trying to get new customers in a crowded business market by sending a branded box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts every day with their marketing literature and key messages to the businesses they were targeting  for three days. They sent them at 11am and 3pm to coincide with sugar lows – a crafty, and I’m sure effective, way of making sure their doughnuts were eaten and messages seen!

This is clearly a very targeted approach, and too costly for most small businesses to consider. However, it does show that thinking of something a little different can make a big impact. I once got sent pieces of Lego over the course of a few weeks, which eventually built a small aeroplane. As I recall, the message was about building slowly and achieving success, and it still stands out as one of the most eye-catching pieces of information I’ve ever received. 

Small businesses should also think outside of the box to achieve similar results with those they want as customers. For example, if you wanted to target builders, you might send them a branded mug (large-size, of course!) with a tea bag and biscuits popped inside. Or if you were trying to appeal to graphic designers, you’d probably avoid anything with design on, but send them a high quality pencil for them to use, with your business name and website address on.

A novelty branded item is more likely to stay on someone’s desk or in their mind than a simple letter or brochure, so have a think about what might make your business stand apart and what would make the people you want as customers remember you.


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