Do Inspirational Quotes Inspire or Repel?

To be blunt, I am not a fan of inspirational quotes. The many Twitter accounts dedicated to repeating famous soundbites do not do anything to inspire me and I find their use in presentations or by businesses cringeworthy and off-putting. 

However, there are a lot of people who love them, find them moving and aspirational, and use them in a positive way. Each to their own. 

There was an article in the Financial Times recently which discussed the issue of using famous phrases. It recommended that if you are to use such nougats of wisdom, then the user should “look beyond the obvious” and remember that some of the more well-used quotes will have been seen time and time again. The writer of the piece, Rhymer Rigby, suggests that quotes lose their power quickly when over-used, so regular use in places such as email signatures should be avoided.

I couldn’t agree more. When I see something “inspirational” on an email sign-off or on a work contact’s Twitter or LinkedIn page, I am turned off. The majority of inspirational quotes are often just ways of saying something much more straight-forward, so I’d rather take the simple route. 

For the FT’s opinion, the full article can be found here:


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One thought on “Do Inspirational Quotes Inspire or Repel?”

  1. Very interesting. I love inspirational quotes. And use them for work purposes. Glad I read your post. I’m sure alot of folks share your thoughts on this. And that means I have to use other tools and techniques to do my job. Very glad to know.

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