Has the ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’ notification put people off exploring LinkedIn?

Back in June, LinkedIn introduced a function on its site to let users know who had been viewing their profile. For some, this is a great opportunity to give a sideways nod to let people know they’re interested in working together or in their credentials. However, is it stopping some people from researching target customers, employees or potential contacts for fear of a feeling that they’re being spied on?

It is clear to see the reasons behind the introduction of the function. It stops trolling of user profiles and meets LinkedIn’s original aims of users only having connections who they genuinely know. However, we all know that in many cases, LinkedIn is used after networking events, for researching the background of new employees and for the opening of communications with possible new contacts. In those furtive stages of business relationships, most people want to step carefully to ensure that they know their subject and are making the right moves – so does the notification that you’ve viewed your target’s profile decrease the usefulness of the site?

You can of course switch off the notification – but it is a two-way switch. Those whose profile pages you view won’t know you’ve been there, but also, you won’t know who has viewed your profile. Seems fair, otherwise everyone would switch it off and it would devalue the function altogether. And maybe that is the answer, if you are really bothered in whether you want your target to know you’ve been checking them out, maybe you don’t need to know who is doing the same to you – after all, it is a fairly new feature and we got along fine before it was introduced? 

If you’d like to connect with me on LinkedIn, and share your profile notification, you can do so here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolaoloughlin


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